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    Hadda and Arana WWTP

    Saudi Arabia is a country with very scarce surface water and groundwater, such that the production of drinking water for human consumption has to come from large desalination plants. The expansion of coverage and population growth will be dealt with by the future construction of new large-scale desalination plants.

    The Mecca facility is exceptional in that there is a defined plan for the reuse of treated water, including road cleaning and watering gardens in Mecca with water from the Arana plant. A large pumping station is now being built to take the treated water from the Hadda plant and reuse it in the heart of Mecca.

    General Information

    Jeddah-Makkah border (Province of Mecca), Saudi Arabia
    375,000 m3/d
    Equivalent population
    2.5 million people

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