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    Velva Wind Farm

    North Dakota is the number one state in the U.S. for wind-energy potential. Velva Wind Farm was one of the first ACCIONA projects to seize that opportunity and bring clean energy to the grid. 


    Velva, North Dakota, EE.UU
    Completion date
    Wind power
    12 MW capacity, using 18 Vestas 660 kW
    Projected CO2 emissions avoided
    Approximately 24,800 tons annually
    Xcel Energy

    Velva might be ACCIONA’s smallest North American wind farm, but it’s proof that good things come in small packages.


    Power generation

    The Velva Wind Farm produces enough electricity for approximately 6,000 homes. Project partner Xcel Energy signed a 20-year power purchase agreement to buy the power generated.


    Economic development

    The Velva Wind Farm brought 50 jobs to the Velva community during construction, as well as maintenance jobs for ongoing operation. Further stimulating the local economy, ACCIONA used local services and materials during construction. In addition, the project continues to contribute to the local tax base through assessed property taxes.


    How this project is sustainable

    Harnessing a plentiful domestic energy resource like wind to generate electricity provides North America with sustainable and clean-energy choices beyond conventional power plants, which are facing depleting resources, increased carbon emissions and price volatility.

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