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    Krobia I Wind Farm

    First commercial wind farm with AW3000 wind turbines on towers with hub heights of 120 metres.

    The Krobia I Wind Farm is made up of 11 AW3000 wind turbines with ACCIONA Windpower technology and 3 MW nominal capacity, for a total power of 33 MW. Connected to the grid in 2013 and operated by ACCIONA Energía, it was the first commercial wind farm installed by the company using concrete towers and hubs heights of 120 m, making it possible to better harness the wind potential of the location.


    Krobia, Greater Poland, Poland
    33 MW
    Wind turbine
    ACCIONA Windpower AW116/3000
    Concrete, hub height: 120 m
    ACCIONA Energía


    • Foundations and installation of 11 wind turbines.
    • 9 km of access roads.
    • 19 km of underground medium-voltage collection grid.
    • 110/30/12 kV Substation.
    • 18 km of underground high-voltage lines.
    • Concrete tower with assembled segments cast near the site.
    • Up to 150 local people employed at the concrete tower plant, increasing the project's benefit to the community.
    • Medium-voltage power generation to avoid the use of transformers.

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