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    Ip Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Reversible hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 88.85 MW, located in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

    Hydroelectric plant with a capacity of 88.85 MW. This is a pumped-storage system with three assemblies comprising an alternator, a turbine and a pump. Capacity for supplying clean energy to more than 16,000 homes. It has two reservoirs and the water is transferred between the two with a pump-turbine set. The upper basin is an "ibón" or alpine lake (Ip Lake) enlarged by means of a dam of loose materials with a maximum height above foundations of 28 m, a crest length of 235 m, and a spillway capacity of 87 m3/s. It has a capacity of 5.3 million m3. The lower basin, the Canfranc equalizing reservoir, has a capacity of 0.43 million m3. The structure is a 32.2-m high buttress dam located on the course of the River Aragón.


    Canfranc Station. Huesca, Spain
    88.85MW (turbine), 99 MW (pump)
    River course
    River Aragón
    Pumped-storage plant
    Turbinable flow
    9.9 m3/s
    Type of turbines
    Pelton vertical (3)
    4 stages (3)
    Net head
    935 m
    ACCIONA Energía
    • As a pumped-storage plant, the plant pumps the water to the upper basin at times of excess energy, storing it to generate power at times of demand, capitalizing on renewable energies in the system.
    • Head of up to 1,000 m, which at the time of construction made it the plant with the greatest head in Europe.
    • The upper reservoir is formed by a high mountain dam (2,119 m above sea level).
    • The plant's main building was designed by the architect Miguel Fisac.

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