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    New Walterdale Bridge

    The new bridge will cross the North Saskatchewan River to connect the intersection of Queen Elizabeth Park Road and Walterdale Hill on the river's south side, to the River Valley Road/Rossdale Road/105 street intersection on the north side. The structural details include a 230m long bridge with rise of 40 m. The construction is expected to require 29 months starting on July 1 st 2013.

    General information

    Edmonton, Alberta. Canada
    City of Edmonton
    Our role
    Construction, temporary work design, traffic management and bridge demolition
    Replacement of existing Walterdale Bridge
    Estimated completion date

    The new bridge will have

    A concrete deck supported on longitudinal stringers that are carried by transverse floor beams.

    The arch ribs will be founded on inclined reinforced concrete thrust blocks.

    The shared use path will be a steel box shaped girder supported by brackets that cantilever out from the floor beams near the mid-span, by cables suspended from the east arch rib, and by inclined concrete columns and conventional abutments at the north and south river banks.

    The project construction is divided in phases:


    July 2013-September 2016

    • Construction of access roads/berms Reroute park trails
    • Move interpretive belvedere
    • Relocate utilities/construct drainage system
    • Re-align portions of Queen Elizabeth
    • Park Road and Walterdale Hill Road
    • Bridge construction

    October 2015- September 2016

    • Grand opening of new bridge
    • Demolition of the old bridge

    Why this project is important

    The bridge is an important link in the city transportation system, carrying two traffic lanes northbound into downtown from Gateway Boulevard and 109 Street via Queen Elizabeth Park Road, and Walterdale Hill Road. The existing three-span structural steel truss bridge currently carries two lanes of northbound traffic, along with pedestrians and cyclists on sidewalks on both sides, and a number of utilities across the river. Besides, It is approaching 100 years of age at the end of its useful life. It serves 33,000 vehicles rumble across it daily.

    It is important to replace the bridge because it does not have the structural capacity to carry trucks with legal loads and many of the structural steel members of the bridge superstructure are severely corroded. Besides, the new bridge will ease the congestion of Walterdale Hill Road and Queen Elizabeth Park Road during morning rush hour.

    The new Walterdale Bridge will offer improved the access to markets and the creation of nearly 400 direct and indirect jobs in 2014.


    How the project is sustainable

    The project is being constructed following measures to minimize noise, dust and water contamination with the highest regard to the environmental impact study, done in accordance with provincial regulations. ACCIONA works very closely with environmental and ecological consultants to ensure that impacts are minimized.

    The project team has worked closely with First Nations and Métis communities, the City’s Aboriginal Relations Office, Alberta Culture and others to understand potential historic and cultural issues related to the project on both sides of the river. The consultant team included a specialized historical resource consultant to facilitate this aspect of the project. An extensive pre-construction Historical Resources Impact Assessment was carried out between October 2011 and October 2012. Construction will include archaeological monitoring and paleontological inspection. ACCIONA's environmental strategy is structured around its commitment to combating Climate Change, promoting energy savings, optimising the use and management of water, using resources responsibly, managing waste effectively, preventing pollution and protecting the environment and Biodiversity.

    Respect for the environment is a fundamental principle guiding everything ACCIONA does, based on the company's mission, vision and values. This commitment is evidenced by the establishment of the company's Environmental Policy, Biodiversity Policy and its Climate Change Policy.


    What people are saying

    "It’s an art structure, this is a signature bridge and we don’t build a lot of those"."The alignment of the bridge was set to minimize the risk.We’re right beside the old bridge and that really minimizes the amount of digging we have to do on that north side and the area that we are digging".
    -Byron Nicholson, director of special project with the City of Edmonton.

    "We’re excited to get things going. The existing Walterdale Bridge has served Edmonton well for a century, but it has reached the end of its service life and must be replaced". "We are very excited to culminate several years of preparation and start building the new signature bridge that will serve Edmontonians forgenerations."
    - Allan Bartman, supervisor for special projects with the City of Edmonton.

    "We’re very excited to get the project going. We’ll be here for the next three or so years, and hoping to have the new bridge open by the end of 2015, and then the old bridge will come out once the new bridge is open."
    -Graham Macklin, City of Edmonton.

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