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    South East Stoney Trail

    • Construction of the South East section of the Stoney Trail, Calgary Ring Road
    • Widening and new road construction details:
      • 10 km along highway 22X
      • 3 km along Deerfoot Trail
      • 14 km in green-field pasture land
    • 4 lanes in each direction with ramps, at-grade
    • Crossing 2 rail tracks and a canal
    • 27 new bridge structures

    The operation and maintenance of the project will include: pavement surface maintenance and rehabilitation; bridge maintenance and rehabilitation; snow and ice removal; sign, landscape and drainage maintenance; in addition to illumination and signal control.  Furthermore, ACCIOINA will provide the operation and maintenance, but not rehabilitation, of 12 kilometres of Deerfoot Trail between Southeast Stoney Trail (currently Highway 22X) and Highway 2A junction.

    The Department will provide partial funding for the project.  ACCIONA and its partner will supply private financing for the balance of the capital cost of the project.  The entire right of way has been purchased by the Department with the exception of some minor parcels which will be purchased by June 30, 2011. The highway will not be tolled.

    Interchange locations:

    • 17 Avenue SE
    • Peigan Trail SE
    • Glenmore Trail SE
    • 114 Avenue SE
    • Highway 22X
    • 52 Street SE
    • Deerfoot Trail SE
    • McKenzie Lake Boulevard/Cranston Boulevard SE
    • Sun Valley Boulevard/Chaparral Boulevard SE

     Flyover locations:

    • CNR South of Peigan Trail SE; and
    • CPR North of 114 Avenue SE

    Why this project is important

    Stoney Trail is designated as an expressway/freeway and is identified as part of the key skeletal road network in the Calgary Transportation Plan. In addition, Stoney Trail is an important corridor for the Province of Alberta. It forms part of the Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC), also referred to as the Calgary Ring Road. This section currently under design and construction will connect the Trans-Canada Highway with Deerfoot Trail with interchanges at both highway connections.

    The work being completed over the next three years includes:

    •  This interchange will replace the existing signalized intersection at Trans-Canada Highway and 101 Street.
    • The new interchange will provide improved access and safety while reducing travel time. 
    • The Deerfoot Trail interchange will tie Stoney Trail to Deerfoot Trail with free-flow traffic movement throughout.

    How the project is sustainable

    Being one of the premier organizations to focus our corporate social responsibility strategies at the core of our business, ACCIONA stands out among our peers as a firm with superior operational efficiency, climate change strategy, standards of control applied to suppliers, workplace health and safety policies, in addition to our management code of conduct and ethical practices. 

    A number of innovative practices will be employed on the Southeast Stoney Trail Project to reduce the carbon footprint of the road construction and increase the sustainability of the new road infrastructure.  For instance, all earthworks material will be sourced within the site, totalling 12.4 Million m3 of excavation that will be used as fill.  Furthermore, existing intersections will become split-grade interchanges without signals, which will increase free-flowing traffic significantly reducing engine idling, especially in heavy diesel trucks.  Our sustainable construction practices reduce the movement of goods to and from the site, improving efficiency, reducing transportation, fuel costs and emissions, and ultimately providing a more economical solution.

    ACCIONA is aware that the project has important environmental considerations and regulatory requirements and will address relevant aspects within an Environmental Management System (“EMS”) and supporting Environmental Protection Plans. The Shepard Slough area and wetlands to the southeast of Calgary will be given great attention when preparing the project specific EMS. The project schedule will allow for migratory birds, vegetation clearing windows, and animal feeding habits that may trigger the introduction of protective measures or dictate amendments to standard working patterns or sequencing of operations.

    What people are saying

    “This new ring road is the concrete result of a forward-thinking vision that began 30 years ago. The foresight to start planning the transportation and utility corridors back then is paying dividends for Albertans today and will continue to benefit Albertans in the future. Stoney Trail represents our commitment to providing the infrastructure Alberta needs to support the province's economic growth and prosperity.”
    Premier Ed Stelmach

    “The new Stoney Trail represents a significant investment in Alberta's highway network and we would like to thank the federal government for its contribution to this project.”
    Luke Ouellette, Alberta's Minister of Transportation

    “We thank and congratulate the province for its commitment to delivering this important piece of infrastructure for Calgary.  The residents of Calgary will enjoy a great benefit as a result of this portion of the ring road, not to mention the huge impact it will provide our transportation and logistics industries in moving their products more quickly and efficiently.”
    Mayor David Bronconnier, Calgary

    General information

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Alberta Transportation
    Our role
    Concessionaire, Design & Construct Contractor, Operations & Maintenance
    approximately 25 km of new, six lane divided freeway
    Estimated completion date

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