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    Leaders in the field of water treatment

    ACCIONA's activity is focused on supplying water to the peopleOur Agua (water) division is a water treatment industry front-runner offering the design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment plantsdesalination facilities, wastewater treatment plants and tertiary treatment plants for water reuse.

    ACCIONA also offers end-to-end service management covering each step of the water treatment process, making water fit for human consumption, delivering it to inhabitants, treating urban and industrial wastewater, and billing end-users.

    Technological innovation


    The Research Development and Innovation (RD&I) Department’s support in all phases of the water cycle sets ACCIONA apart from others. In desalination, ACCIONA works with the state-of-the-art membrane models and new energy recovery devices and is continuously researching new water treatment techniques. The RD&I team provides technical support and are world leaders in the concept design of large-scale desalination plants.

    ACCIONA collaborates with universities and public research centres in national and international research projects, positioning the company at the forefront of technology and attach it as a leader in the sector. Our water division has developed various RD&I projects which have been selected by the European Commission to form part of the LIFE+ programme, such as OFREA, aimed at improving the quality of treated water to foster reuse in coastal areas, implemented together with ESAMUR.

    ACCIONA is also partnering with this agency on the RENEWAT project. This project aims to adapt several sources of renewable energy such as solar panels and small wind farms to a wastewater treatment plant and integrate them with a smart management system to coordinate water treatment processes with available energy. Another LIFE+ project coordinated by the RD&I centre is BRAINYMEM, which focuses on reducing the energy dependence of the wastewater treatment plants by 20% to 50% through advanced biological process control systems. The research carried out has resulted in more than 19 patents related to desalination technologies, membrane bioreactors and reuse, including:


      • ELFA (Treatment)
      • SEPAFLOC (Desalination / Pretreatment)
      • BIOFILPAS (Drinking Water)
      • MEMPACK (Wastewater)
      • ACTIDAFF / ULTRAFLOT (Desalination)

    Our highly qualified team has more than 30 years’ experience in applying RD&I to water treatment and the use of membranes, from the most basic laboratory techniques to industrial-scale studies in pilot plants.

    In 2014, the RD&I Department identified 51 innovative projects with a turnover of more than €18M.

    1,073 Million C$


    204 Million C$


    3,740* People


    790 Hm3

    Treated water

    Data from 2017 *Data from 2016

    Activities of Water



    The drinking-water treatment or purification process consists of a series of actions to treat the water in order to make it suitable for human consumption. The process is carried out in a Water Purification Plant.

    ACCIONA Agua offers a range of innovative solutions designed to overcome the problems involved indrinking-water treatment. It has built 115 plants in all, with a total capacity of more than 7million m3/d enough to satisfy the water needs of nearly 26 million people.



    The wastewater treatment or purification consists of a series of processes that remove or reduce the physical, chemical and biological contaminants from water coming from public use to achieve the quality and quantity required characteristics. The process is carried out in a Wastewater Treatment Plant(WWTP).

    ACCIONA delivers efficient wastewater treatment solutions at minimum installation costs. The company runs more than 300 plants with a total capacity of 13,2 million m3/d that meet the needs of apopulation of nearly 54 million inhabitants.



    Desalination consists of a series of processes to remove part or all salt and other minerals from seawater or brackish water to transform it into suitable for irrigation or drinking purposes. The desalination process is carried out in a water desalination plant, also known asSeawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO).

    ACCIONA is a leader in Reverse Osmosis sea- and brackish-water desalination. Its broad experience covers the entire project life-cycle: design, build, commission, and O&M.

    More than 70 desalination plants, producing a total of over 2.3 million m3/d, supplying more than 10.5 million people



    ACCIONA runs WWTPs and DWTPs with the goal to optimize all aspects of the treatment by applying cutting-edge technology, minimizing energy costs, carrying out ongoing tests to monitor water quality, and efficiently managing the sludge, waste and byproducts generated by the treatment processes.

    ACCIONA applies a policy of sustainability in the operation and maintenance of its facilities, for example by minimizing the emissions of odours and noise, reducing energy consumption and reusing effluent water in the preparation processes for reagents.

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